Friday, November 9, 2007

SMC Update

I realize that I haven't mentioned SMC lately so here's a quick update:

Zipi got sold (he left last Tuesday) and Zee has a deposit on her and is waiting to be vetted (keep your fingers crossed). Fitz, Tara and Bill (among others) are still around but have a had a decent amount of interest in them. A young girl came out last weekend to try Tara and it went really well. Unfortunately, Tara has a special shoe due to the abscess she had a month ago and the potential buyers want to see her go after she gets her normal shoe back on. Also, because of the shoe I haven't been jumping her and, obviously, they want to see her jump before they buy her.

So... lately, I've been riding Tara and Bill with a couple extras thrown in here and there. With Tara, I am working on her responsiveness by doing lots and lots of transitions. Sometimes she evades me by tossing her head so I've been working on that, too. At the moment, she is probably my favorite to ride and she also has lovely ground manners (nothing irks me more than when people let their horses walk all over them).

With Bill, I've been working on getting him softer in the bridle as well as through his whole body. When I first started riding him my biggest issue was his complete lack of suppleness. It was like riding a bus (absolutely no bend through his body - not completely his fault). I have to say, he is slowly growing on me and, as of the past couple rides, is using himself much better.

Tara should be getting shod sometime around Thanksgiving so I will keep you updated and I'll let you know if any other horses get sold.

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Artistic Photo

I can't think of anything worthwhile to write about tonight so here's a picture to hold you over. Here's me being creative:

Also, check out Nancy Jaffer's photo gallery from the Syracuse Invitational horse show at